We are a group of researchers from the University of Granada, Spain interested on bioinformatics research, with special focus on sequence analysis and biological networks, within the Approximate Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence (ARAI) group TIC-111.

Below you can see a selection of tools we have developed. Look at the tools section for a more detailed list.

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CisMiner allows to perform a blind search of CRMs without any prior information about target CRMs nor limitation in the number of motifs. CisMiner tackles the combinatorial complexity of genome-wide cis-regulatory module extraction using a natural representation of motif combinations as itemsets and applying the Top-Down Fuzzy Frequent-Pattern Tree algorithm to identify significant itemsets. Fuzzy technology allows CisMiner to better handle the imprecision and noise inherent to regulatory processes. .

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ProphNet is a network disease-gene prioritization tool. Given a set of diseases of interest, ProphNet returns a list of prioritized diseases that are related to the disease list of interest. ProphNet does this by executing a Randon Walk with Restarts algorithm on a set of networks (a disease network, a gene network and a protein domain network).

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Computational drug repositioning can lead to a considerable reduction in cost and time in any drug development process. Recent approaches have addressed the network-based nature of biological information for performing complex prioritization tasks. In this work, we apply a new methodology based on heterogeneous network prioritization that can aid researchers in the drug repositioning process.

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